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Hi Drini,
The convention is decided for partitioning books only; what I am doing is completely unrelated. I addressed this in the Cafe roughly a week ago just to be safe because I did not want to be improperly blocked like last time. As a brief history in that, I was blocked for creating pages in [[Quejas]] using subpages and for creating "Catalog" pages. The first "violation" was none at all; I was talking to admin [[Usuario:Freddy Eduardoeduardo|Freddy]] via email for days, in which we were discussing what constitutes a work in which I explained that it was not ''very'' clear cut. In order to give him a proper example, I asked if I could create subpages of larger works tha included "Quejas", and he assured me that it would be okay and that I would not be blocked. The second "violation" was something that we voted on, and it was decided that anyone could create these pages. So I did nothing wrong and was blocked. Freddy asked LIG to reconsider, she didn't. Another admin, B1mbo unblocked me and LIG reblocked me again. Needless to say, some had felt she had acted wrong but she refused to discuss anything with me.
The matter at hand is to support repeating all of the important publication information in various catalog, author and publisher pages, so that they are permanently linked to the work as opposed to unique pages which float. It doesn't involve anything with partitioning. I can explain the technical side of this if you want, but the bottom line is that I am not breaking any rules.
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