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I have an interwiki linking bot, [[de:Benutzer:Interwiki-Bot]], and I would like a bot flag for it on es, what do I need to do? It uses python ([[m:pywikipediabot]]) and the interwiki.py script. The bot ''only'' does interwiki links. Thank you.--[[Usuario:Doug|Doug]] 20:37 10 feb 2011 (UTC)
== Request a flag for Cswikisource-bot ==
Hi. When needed, I use this bot account on other projects than my home cs.wikisource only for interwiki linking (always in semi-manual mode with <code>-confirm</code> switch) – see [[Special:Contributions/Cswikisource-bot|contributions]]. He works on [[m:pywikipediabot|pywikipediabot]] framework. On Czech, German, Polish and Russian Wikisource he is already flagged as bot. If you prefer no flood on recent changes while he sometimes edits interwikis, please give him appropriate flag. Thx. --[[User:Milda|Milda]] ([[:cs:User talk:Milda|talk on cs:]]) 09:02 16 feb 2011 (UTC)