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(Nueva sección: →‎Bot flag request)
PD: si deseas poder localizarme me lo dices y te enviaría por mail mi direcc msn.
== Bot flag request ==
Hello! I not found the place on this wiki, where i can write a request for a bot flag. Therefore i write it here.
I reqest a flag for [[User:SKbot|SKbot]]. It based on my own class library and written on Object Pascal / Delphi. A code has a full unicode support. I plan use the bot for a various ad-hoc tasks, when complex algorithm needed and standalone bot is not effective. The test task is completed (see bot's contribution).
Personally i'm a professional DB programmer with 15 year experience. -- [[Usuario:Sergey kudryavtsev|Sergey kudryavtsev]] 07:56 5 may 2010 (UTC)